Foreign Affairs

The discipline that studies interactions between states in order to understanding the international system as a whole . How two or more nations interact with each other in the context of political, military , economic or cultural relationships. Since 1970 , the study of international relations has been set about the relationships between structures and institutions in international systems. As a consequence, international relations theories are often used by diplomats and international relations experts to dictate the direction that a government may take in regards to an international political issue.

Sports & Diplomacy

Sports can be used to create awareness for the international relationships through sport Ambassadors. A benefit of sports events and individual athletes over official diplomats and politicians , is that the negotiations can be seen less as government direct , and , more as free and spontaneous.Due to , they can provide a friendly and positive face to a nation. In fact, many of them have used their celebrity to create new relations. Therefore , of the most key elements of “ sports & diplomacy “ is based on the power of the athletes to build international relationships .

Magdalena Ferrer

- Law Degree at Universidad Internacional de Cataluña , Barcelona. - Master in International Affairs at Fordham University , New York. - Postgraduate in Conflict Management at Madrid Bar Association , Spain. - Preparation to Diplomatic Corps at Foreign Affairs Ministry , Madrid. - Master in Immigration Law at ISDE Law Business School , Madrid. - Global Master in International Sports Law at ISDE Law Business School, Madrid.